Werner's Auto Sales & Service

78 Shade Street,
Cambridge, ON N1R 4J8 CA
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Independent VW repair specialists serving Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo, ON.

Since 1980, we've been serving the Cambridge region with professional BMW repair and BMW service. Our eight-bay BMW service center staffs six licensed technicians with more than 100 years of automotive repair experience.

We also have a large selection of pre-owned cars for sale. Open M-F 8am-5pm.

3 Reviews

  • Victoria Hammond
    Victoria Hammond3 years ago

    Great service, ethical shop never overcharged or surprise costs, take pride in their work, friendly staff and very knowledgeable!

    2011 BMW 328i
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  • Peter Cartwright
    Peter Cartwright4 years ago

    I have owned two BMW Z4s, and both were serviced by Werners and the local BMW dealer. Both provided good work; however Werners costs were significantly less than the dealer. I also had other non-BMW vehicles serviced and repaired by Werners without any complaints. We have recently relocated to Eastern Ontario and have not yet found an independant garage that is the same quality as Werners.

    2009 BMW Z4
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  • Tom Johnston
    Tom Johnston6 years ago

    Horrible experience. They had my car for a week, cost me hundreds of dollars and the car was in worse shape than when it went in. I took it to another shop and within four hours they fixed it, showed me what Werners did wrong and what they missed. The do not know German cars at all is what my experience has been.

    2004 BMW 528i
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