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1203 Broadview Avenue
Toronto, ON M4K2T1 CA
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Founded in July 1998 at its present location, specializing in BMW service and repair, AutoTrend presently services well over 1200 satisfied customers.


  • Been going here for 4 years. Great alternative to a BMW dealership. You can definitely trust them to take care of your car.

    Wilson H., via Google
  • This is the place for BMW owners to come. There are honest mechanics out there, and Don is one of them. I've compared his quote with quotes from BMW dealerships, and there's no comparison. Dealers want your money, Don just wants to fix your car.

    Andrew J., via Google
  • The owner Don K. is great to deal with, and honest. If work is required for your BMW, he will tell you. If it's not necessary, he will tell you as well. He knows these cars and will look over a used one for potential issues, if you are considering a purchase, or before the original (or extended) warranty expires. He did that for my x3 and saved me a lot of $. When my car was damaged by a bad driver, he was extremely helpful as well. This garage is highly recommended!

    S. K. Lee, via Google
  • Fair, intelligent, honest, knowledgeable, far the best auto mechanic shop I have ever done business with.

    Curt M., via Google

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7 Reviews

  • Peter
    Peter2 years ago

    The best shop in GTA - all because of people. Professional, on time and great communications. Always a good experience, for the car and the owner.

    2010 BMW 535
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  • Cato Batista
    Cato Batista3 years ago

    In my experience as a BMW owner, these guys are the best in the city. It's difficult to find and trust BMW mechanics if you don't want to pay dealership's exorbitant prices. For many years I'd been recommending Auto Trend and all the feed back has always been very positive.

    1997 BMW 328i
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  • Shuvo Shaikat
    Shuvo Shaikat 4 years ago

    So bmw quoted me 7600 dollars when I took my car in after my engine light came on. I spoke to a couple of other mechanics who were pretty certain that my turbocharger was gone but my car only had 73k kms in it. Finally I called George, who listened to my concerns patiently and although they were booked for weeks, he told me to see him right away seeing how worried I was. I took my car to him and he right away told me it was just my wastegate actuator that needed replacing. He showed me the problem in 5 secs without asking for 200 dollars for a diagnostic like in other places. He fixed it within a couple of hours and he saved me from paying thousands of dollars. Great guy and even a better mechanic. If you have a bmw, he’s the guy you go to.

    2015 BMW 320i xdrive
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  • Werner
    Werner4 years ago

    I have been bringing my BMWs to Auto Trend for decades. Without Auto Trend, I would not be able to afford to drive a BMW. They are highly competent and know more about my car than the dealer. They charge less than half of what the dealer charges. I can only highly recommend them.

    2012 BMW X5
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  • MT
    MT5 years ago

    I have been bringing my car to Auto Trend for the last few years since the warranty ran out. The guys know what they are doing and work to save you money, they find the problem versus just replacing everything that may or not be related to the issue.

    2012 BMW 335i
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  • Steve
    Steve8 years ago

    Hands down best in Toronto!

    Thousands of dollars saved!

    2004 BMW 330ci
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  • Stacey
    Stacey11 years ago

    We were driving through Canada on vacation (from Boston), and our Service Engine Soon light came on (ugh). We called Auto Trend and asked if they could diagnose the problem, and they said to come right over. They told us exactly what was wrong with the car, and they also told us that we could make it back to Boston safely and have our own mechanic work on the car. They wouldn't take any money from us. So honest, so nice, so knowledgeable and so appreciated. Highly recommended.

    2005 BMW 325xi
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