PJC Autoworks

3290 Danforth Avenue,
Toronto, ON M1L 1C3 CA
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We specialize in the repair and maintenance of BMW vehicles in the Toronto, Etobicoke and Mississauga area.

5 Reviews

  • speedy
    speedy3 years ago

    I had a problem of the car overheating and going into limp mode. Had PJC Autoworks diagnose the problem and replaced the water pump and thermostat. 1 day turnover and great price. I would go back anytime. Thank guys!

    2011 BMW 328i
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  • Bev Meech
    Bev Meech4 years ago

    I had a bad experience with this garage. They hold themselves out as BMW experts, but my vehicle started to deteriorate when I began taking it to them for regular maintenance on the recommendation of a friend. What had been a reliable, low maintenance vehicle began to have all kinds of problems. Ultimately PJC suggested an expensive repair when I had an issue with the car stalling and that led to two extremely inconvenient breakdowns within weeks of their service. After the 3rd breakdown, I took my car back to the BMW dealership. They inspected it and summed up their findings with "a high school co-op student could have maintained your vehicle better than this". There was an obvious problem which was an easy fix that PJC appears to have ignored. This issue had led to the other costly repairs that had cropped up. Stay away from PJC Autoworks. In my opinion, based on my experience with them, they are incompetent mechanics.

    2008 BMW X3
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  • SophieKim
    SophieKim5 years ago

    All I want to say is my car started leaking oil after I too it to pic for an oil change. Also they tried to sell me a service package for 780 just to do a seasonal routine service. Checking fluids, tire pressure, suspension, fluid flush spark plugs and I forget what else. Just for that when the dealership doesn't even charge that. Then he recommended snow tires for twice the price of what I would have paid at the dealer. These guys are crazy to try and charge what they do. Do people actually get their BMWs serviced here. I hope not I would rather just go to the dealer.

    2012 BMW X1
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  • Leanne Maidlow
    Leanne Maidlow5 years ago

    My whole entire interaction at PJC was negative. Went in for brake service and oil change. I was over charged and I truly believe they damaged my car worse. After picking my car up I notice 4 of my wheel nuts are missing, my car is shaking when I drive over 40 and making noises. Lately my car has a small oil leak and is leaking all over my driveway now. My advice is look up a more reputable mechanic shop. Good luck Bimmershops site readers.

    2015 BMW X5
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  • Patches
    Patches5 years ago

    These guys charge way too much. I'm no longer a customer & will never return. Not only that but the few friends I have that were customers will be leaving as well. These guy have really gone downhill. My new shop explains everything in detail, top to bottom over the phone or in person. Makes a prioritized list of what should be done and what can wait and also only uses OEM parts. They don't just throw you a giant list including unnecessary parts. They actually do the work so I don't have to return over and over. Costing people extra for rentals, cabs & so forth. They get the job done. Their labor cost are probably 1/4 what PJC Charges. I felt PJC is unprofessional, PJC never tells me anything in real detail. It's always "drop the car off and well have a look" PJC should learn to inform customers what, why, where Etc. Etc. The last quote I got from PJC, I was like I should wipe my butt with that paper because that's insane that you would even try to charge that. How money hungry can you be?

    2010 BMW 535ix
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