311 Bowes Rd, B12,
Concord, ON L4K 1J1 CA
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Toronto BMW expert mechanic and BMW service for all models.

3 Reviews

  • Ming Yang
    Ming Yang1 year ago

    The shop is really about efficiency, affordable, quick, no BS, no WIFI, no FREE COFFEE, all about getting the job done. There are more technicians on Saturdays since it's everyone's day off. Matt often find issues for your car that might need immediate fix or can wait, never ever upsell anything like other shops. Thanks Matt!

    2011 BMW X3 35i
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  • Lin Zhu
    Lin Zhu2 years ago

    Matt was very kind checking my vehicle out during his breakfast when I popped up randomly in front of his shop. Very quickly Matt was able to confirm the problem and suggested a very unique but effective solution. Matt didn't make any money out of this case and I got my X5 back on strong.

    2012 BMW X5
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  • Micha
    Micha10 years ago

    Mr BMWizard is the BEST! he is the SHATA of BMW Mechanics! If you have any problems with your BMW or MB, or just have an inquiry, Mr BMWizard KNOWS IT ALL!

    2005 BMW 545i
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