Duss Brothers

1380 Wellington St West,
Ottawa, ON K1Y2X2 CA
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Best BMW repair in Ottawa.

Conveniently located in the Westboro area of Ottawa, we have been servicing BMWs for over 30 years.

1 Review

  • Zariq
    Zariq2 years ago

    In the entirety of my life I have never been so disrespected by any business in a manner such as the unruly owner/staff of this establishment. After calling the second time and being told that "I am inconveniencing her day," after leaving a voice-mail the previous day, when I did not have the VIN readily available she hung up on me. I called back & she purposely ignored my calls. I was trying to just inquire about if they honor and warranty their work as I had recently purchased a car that had been serviced here for years and they had recently changed the water pump but it was leaking. I called from another number where she immediately answered and upon hearing my voice she continued with her unwarranted & completely unprofessional attitude. As I had the VIN ready she said "there's a customer here dropping off can I place you on hold?" I said yes and after being placed on hold for 30 seconds she hung up on me yet again. At this point, coming from the automotive industry, I took the time out of my day to go and see who I was speaking to on the phone. I came to learn upon my arrival it was the owner I was speaking to. Now after being given the runaround to get an answer for if they warranty their work and trying to book an appointment (being told she would not book me on her birthday, though they were open and running that day like normal and had availabilities), she told me they would not back their labour in which I was going to be charged and so I walked out & said you shouldn't speak to people like that over the phone & have a good day. She proceeded to follow me and tell me "F you! Go F yourself!" as I got into my car. These are the worse types of mechanics, they prey upon an elderly, retired clientèle who're looking for convenience, and such charge exuberant, overinflated prices for parts that even at the BMW dealership it is cheaper to acquire them, but of course their clients don't know any better and I am sure if they did they wouldn't pay their prices. Business is business but there are some things that are right and wrong in the world and you should not take advantage of the elderly.

    2014 BMW 435
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