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552 Alpha St,
Victoria, BC V8Z 1B2 CA
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Victoria's best independent BMW repair specialists. We specialize in all of the vintage BMW models through to the modern line up of vehicles. We do also service all other makes of vehicles, and have experience in all types of specialty servicing. R&W Motorsport was founded by Joe and Sam formerly of Island Motorsport. Come by and visit familiar faces at our new shop, located at 17 Cadillac Avenue (Off of Carey, near Uptown shopping center)

2 Reviews

  • Chase Miller
    Chase Miller1 year ago

    Engine removed without knowledge or consent!

    I brought my vehicle to have a sound diagnosis. And for a head unit installation. No estimate was provided. I was told I would receive a call providing an estimate.

    They immediately started doing work on my vehicle without my consent or estimates. There has been many parts replaced without my knowledge, consent or estimates.

    It's been over a month and they want over $8k.

    2001 BMW 540i
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  • Van Naser
    Van Naser9 years ago

    They over charge for labour and the markup on the part was a little exaggerated. That did not bother me much because I understand it is a way for the mechanics to make money and keep the business running, However the worst part is where the car was fixed the parts were not put back. The relays were not plugged back, the fan shroud was loose and the radiator cap was loose. I took the car to replace a sensor I almost end up blowing my engine from overheating caused by the loose radiator cap. Not a good way to keep the customers coming back.

    1995 BMW 325i
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