Bimmer Haus

3434 Lougheed Highway,
Vancouver, BC V5M 2A4 CA
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Bimmer Haus is your trusted independent Vancouver BMW repair and service shop!

Bimmer Haus has been repairing and servicing BMWs for over fifteen years at our Vancouver location. We offer complete repairs and services for your BMW, including:

  • Electronics & electrical wiring
  • Engine & transmission repairs
  • Suspension & brake servicing
  • Wheel alignment & tires
  • Exhaust & emission control systems
  • Radiator & cooling system repairs
  • Routine servicing (inspection 1, inspection 2, oil service, oil & filter)

3 Reviews

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith2 years ago

    I highly recommend that you stay away from Bimmer Haus. They are extremely dishonest. I had a really terrible experience here. I went to change brake pads and rotors on my 2017 X3 (70km) and got a $1,500 quote. Then I left it for repair, and he called me and said that my car's front differential oil ($200), rear differential oil ($200), transfer case oil ($300) and coolant flush ($180) had to be repaired (It's a trick they do. Never be fooled!).

    When I got there, only the brake pads (Textar) had been replaced, but it was $980 (not even replacing rotors) and I had to pay a total of $2,400 including other oils.

    But since then, I have visited 4 times due to the occurrence of serious noise and vibration from the brakes, and every time I visit, he repeated the words that it was “normal” without looking at my car. So, I went to a BMW dealer shop and got the car checked again, and I heard something really shocking. I was told that the brake replacement was not done properly and that there was no sign that the front/rear differential oil and transfer case oil had been replaced. Because there was absolutely no need to replace it.

    In the end, I went to another garage and did the same job again, and I'm satisfied. I am truly amazed at how this place is in business still.

    2017 BMW X3
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  • Alex McNeill
    Alex McNeill 4 years ago

    Koosha is amazing with my car. He has always done right by me with explaining what needs to be done and always provides alternatives to save money. He’s honest and thorough. I’ve been going to him for 6 years and highly recommend him.

    2008 BMW 135
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  • Charlie
    Charlie9 years ago

    I have owned numerous Bmw's during the past 20 years and had difficulty in finding aa honest and reliable shop to service my cars.

    I initially found Bimmer Haus by accident a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable repair costs for BMW's and knowledgable mechanics.

    The mechanics are very transparent and tell you exactly what repairs are required and the cost, which is much less than the BMW dealership.

    I am very happy and trust this shop for any of my future car service.

    2007 BMW 530 xi
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