Summer Heat, BMW and BMW Mechanic Meet

Published 4 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Have your BMW ready for summer driving.

Have your BMW ready for summer driving.
Photo Credit: Rhys Moult

Get Your BMW Ready for Summertime Driving!

School’s out and it’s time to show off splashing around at the pool and beach. So while you slather on that sunscreen to protect your skin from that summer sun, don’t forget to protect your BMW from the heat and other summer elements that may have begun.

We can’t help with road rage you may encounter with all the stop-and-go summer traffic, but we can offer up some tips to get your BMW ready before those summer days start drifting away.

Cooling & AC Systems – An essential during the hot, sticky months of summer, while stuck in beach (or work) traffic. Make sure your BMW mechanic checks this out so your BMW doesn’t overheat. They will inspect the air flow around the radiator and the radiator cap—for cracks, and check the coolant levels.

Also, have the pressure tested for your AC system, check the filter, and fix any refrigerant leaks.

Tires – Warm weather can make your tires overinflated, and underinflated tires reduce your fuel economy, so if you’re taking a summer road trip, you’ll want the proper tire pressure. Have your BMW service expert check the pressure and tread of your tires.

Brakes/Battery – Make sure your brakes are up to speed when you hit the road. Tell your tech at your independent BMW service center if you hear any unusual sounds or if you’re experiencing any ‘grabbing’ while braking.

Also, be sure your expert BMW technician checks for any corrosion on the battery and any leaks.

Lights – Staying out late on those warm summer nights? Well-a-well-a-well-a huh… make sure all your lights are in proper working order and that there are no wiring problems. Your local BMW mechanic can check this, and for any corrosion on your battery’s terminals, which can sometimes cause electrical problems.

Fluids – These include oil, power steering, brake and transmission. Your expert BMW repair mechanic can check to make sure they are at the proper levels and are the appropriate color.

Hoses/Belts – The hot weather can take a toll on your vehicle’s hoses and belts. Cracks, bulges, frays and excessive wear on any hoses and belts can occur, and if they snap, you won’t get very far. With proper inspection, your local BMW expert can replace these items and have you back safely on the road, before you wind up on the side of the road.

Wipers – Downpours occur on those humid days, be sure your wiper blades are in good condition. Your local BMW specialist can recommend the best type of wiper blades for your BMW. Also, have your washer fluid checked and added if need be.

Your trusted BMW mechanic can tell you more, tell you more, tell you more about getting your BMW ready for summertime driving. If you don’t have an expert BMW specialist, find one in your area today!