Spring Into Action – Get Your BMW Ready for the Warmer Months

Published 5 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Spring into action!  Have your BMW checked by your local BMW mechanic.

Spring into action! Have your BMW checked by your local BMW mechanic.
Photo Credit: Nicholas A. Tonelli

The birds are singing and pollen is all around…spring is in the air!

It’s a good idea to take your BMW to an independent BMW repair shop and get it ready for the spring season, while reversing the damage that may have been caused by the harsh winter months.

The snow, salt and cold temperatures from winter could have damaged your BMW. Here are a few things to have your BMW mechanic check out while preparing for the spring season.

Windshield Wipers
Wiper blades are used heavily during the winter to combat ice, wind and more. Make sure they are thoroughly checked—not cracked or torn, and replaced if need be. With the spring showers ahead, you’ll want them in proper working condition.

Cold weather can make tires underinflated and warmer weather can overinflate them. Have your BMW service expert check to make sure they are the proper pressure (including the spare tire in your trunk). At the right pressure, you’ll receive better gas mileage. Check treads too, this is especially important for driving on wet roads.

Be sure your tires are aligned. Melted snow on roads often seeps into road cracks, freezes and then expands, thus causing the road to form potholes and become uneven. Driving over this all winter can mess with your car’s alignment.

Have your undercarriage inspected and cleaned by a professional. Salt from the roads can eat away your paint and cause corrosion, which may lead to rust if not properly cleaned and treated.

Coolant System
You don’t want your engine to overheat because the coolant system is working overtime. Ask your independent BMW mechanic to check it out and see if you need a flush or if you have any problems with leaking, etc. and, have it repaired asap.

It’s a good idea to have your brakes inspected and checked for any brake line issues and suspension problems. Cold temps can corrode brake lines if they are not in the best of shape. Also, driving on winter roads can cause increased wear and tear on brakes from stopping short and slamming them on wintery roads.

Batteries can drain quickly in winter when cold temperatures hit—power output drops, batteries don’t recharge as quickly when driving and load increases with the use of lights, wipers, heated seats, etc. Be sure your expert BMW technician checks the connections for dirt, grime and corrosion.

Since belts and hoses can become weakened in cold temps, it doesn’t hurt to have your local BMW mechanic inspect them to make sure none are loose or have cracks.

Your trusted BMW mechanic can help get your BMW ready for springtime driving. If you don’t have an expert BMW specialist, find one in your area today!