BMW Recall: Possible Variable Camshaft Timing Issue

Published 5 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Now Hear This! BMW Recall

Now Hear This! BMW Recall
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BMW N.A. has issued a voluntary recall of approximately 156,137 model year 2010-2012 vehicles due to a possible variable camshaft timing issue.

Which BMW models are affected by the recall?

2010-2012: 1 Series
2010-2012: 3 Series
2010-2012: 5 series
2010-2012: 5 series Gran Turismo
2012: 6 series
2010-2012: X3
2010-2012: X5
2010-2012: X6
2010-2012: Z4

What causes the possible variable camshaft timing issue?

Bolts holding the variable camshaft timing, or VANOS, unit may become loose or even break, this could reduce engine power and cause damage. If this happens, a “check engine”/”service engine soon” light comes on followed by a “check control message.” This problem can lead to stalling and engine damage if not repaired.

Are there any known accidents attributed to the defect?

At this time, BMW is not aware of any accidents or injuries due to the related problems.

What do I do if my car is one of those affected?

BMW will be notifying all owners affected by the recall in May 2014. BMW will check bolts that hold the VANOS unit to make sure they are not loose or broken. BMW says it’s okay to continue driving the affected models, but to get to a BMW repair shop if a warning light comes on.

If your BMW is part of this recall and you have not been notified, call your local, independent BMW repair shop to schedule an appointment to have your BMW checked and serviced for the defect.

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