2341 20 Avenue NE,
Calgary, AB T2E8S4 CA
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Your BMW service specialists in Calgary, Alberta.

Euroworks is your local car shop specializing in BMW service and has a long history of professional European car repair in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

14 Reviews

  • Richard
    Richard 1 year ago

    They tried to remap my computer and fried the brain and now it's been 6 weeks and they still won't fix my car. Won't answer my calls or emails. 100% Their fault and they won't pay to fix it. Wish I never met Indy the 'BMW specialist.' Worst experience ever.

    2017 BMW 540 i
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  • Bodda
    Bodda2 years ago

    I took my BMW here after my car wouldn't start even though I had a new battery and starter installed by another shop, because I read online that these guys were the experts. They told me that they would charge $150 to look at the car and figure out the problem. A few days later they call me back saying they checked the car and it needs a new battery and starter?

    Obviously I was confused, but they assured me that after doing extensive checks, they found that the brand new battery and starter I had just installed were fried. They quoted me over $680 for a brand new Bosch starter but I told them I would supply my own because the same starter can be bought locally for less than half that price. After bringing them the parts, they call me back at the end of the day to inform me that after opening it up to install the starter, they found that my valve cover was leaking and oil seeped into my coils and plugs; they quoted me over $3500 for the work. OK but why did you not tell me this after I paid you $150 to diagnose the problem!?

    Of course I was not in a position to just drop $3500 so I told them again I would source the parts myself. This time they told me their policy just changed, I can't do that anymore. WHAT!? I already supplied the starter but now you're saying I can't supply the rest of the parts to fix my car? Your policy just happened to change all the sudden? Obviously I knew they were just trying to take as much of my money as possible at this point so I told them I would take the car somewhere else.

    At the very end before I was about to take the car away they offer me to get the car started again for only $400 by cleaning the oil off but I declined because by that point I did not trust them at all anymore.

    This is the worst experience I have ever had at a mechanic. Do not take your ca here. They only want your $ at all costs!

    2011 BMW 328i
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  • Eric
    Eric4 years ago

    Great service, first time customer and i was very happy on how I was treated. Recommend this shop for sure.

    2014 BMW M5
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  • Clive Brown
    Clive Brown4 years ago

    Great service, great knowledge and great people. Been able to get everything from these folks I received from dealer service wise. They do know Euro cars completely and would recommend them to all everyone.

    2015 BMW M6
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  • Han
    Han4 years ago

    Have been a dealer guy, tried these guys as dealer option. Staff are great, lots of ex-dealer guys work here and get one on one which is great. Have great experience with these guys and will be referring these guys for sure

    2013 BMW X5M
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  • Jermaine
    Jermaine4 years ago

    Bought a BMW from these folks, after driving for many months now, super happy with purchase. Salespeople told me it was in great shape and previous customer has taken care of really well. I had come back in once after a few weeks and was a blown fuse and I was out in 1min, apparently dropping coins into cigarette lights pops fuses. Was in and out quick, no charges and since then only oil change, car has been fantastic and definitely recommend these guys.

    2012 BMW M5
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    DANE BRUCE4 years ago

    Absolutely terrible service from Euroworks. Took the vehicle in to have the front timing cover and valve cover gasket changed. When I picked up the vehicle it was running rougher than when I brought it there. Apparently now my timing chain was damaged and the vehicle is running super tough on start up. Drove the vehicle 5kms and the oil lamp came on indicating low oil. Drive it to the quick lube and they noticed oil pissing down from the vehicle. Asked to speak with the owner to reason on the work that was done. He wanted to offer $300 bucks back and told me I should deal with Amvic and all of the staff have been told not to talk to me anymore. I gave these guys 2441.88 and my vehicle is in worse running condition that I brought here. The only thing I can do now is sue them to get my funds back. Go anywhere else in the town and get work done.

    Don't buy a damn vehicle here either

    2008 BMW 2008 BMW X5 4.8
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  • Gagan Das
    Gagan Das5 years ago

    Highly recommend Euroworks in Calgary to get your BMW service done through by them. Noel the manager is ready to assist you anytime and a genuinely nice person. Does the awesome job each time. They know European cars well. Ten out of ten.

    2014 BMW X1
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  • Jeff Morris
    Jeff Morris6 years ago

    Joel (Parts Mgr) and Kayla (front reception) we're/ are two of the most accommodating customer service professionals I've come across in a long time. Euroworks has excellent mechanical services, very reasonable prices and awesome customer 'care'. Thank You.

    2014 BMW 328xi
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  • Ryan Tucker
    Ryan Tucker7 years ago

    Hands down the best experience I have had with these guys. Been here 3 times and every time its been a good experience. They are open, honest and care about cars. Love it

    2012 BMW BMW X6 M
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  • MikeB
    MikeB7 years ago

    I had a major issue with my 2011 BMW X5 M, had a few shops look at it, dealer look at it and no one could fix it. I got referred to Euroworks from a friend who had his engine rebuilt from them. After speaking with Indy for 10 minutes, I knew these guys knew these machines. In one day, problem was fixed and it was an electrical issue with sometime of lin network. Long story short, fixed, not much spent and I am a customer for for good. Thnx guys and definitely recommend these guys.

    2011 BMW 2011 BMW X5 M
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  • Julian Lloyd
    Julian Lloyd7 years ago

    This is my third BMW and throughout my lifetime of owning them I always had issues with the large dealerships. I'm glad to have found this little hidden gem over 2 years ago. I haven't had a single problem with them.

    2007 BMW 335XI
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  • Mary Anne
    Mary Anne8 years ago

    Can honestly say what a breath of fresh air, to have honest and transparent place to go to. Been there a few times now and would recommend these guys to everyone. Found home for all of our BMW's

    2012 BMW X5
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  • Mark
    Mark9 years ago

    Great experience, well equipped with all tools, great looking dealership, great service and treated me great!! All in all, I would say the best place to get your serviced in Calgary. Go see Indy, he knows his stuff

    2011 BMW 335i
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