Common Repairs on the BMW 2 Series - G42 Second Generation

The BMW 2 series, second-generation (G42) continues the tradition of the 2 Series as a compact luxury car that emphasizes sportiness and performance. The G42 features updated design elements, including a sleek and dynamic exterior. The G42 prioritizes driving pleasure with agile handling, responsive steering, and engaging performance. Here are some reported common issues by owners:

Cooling System Leaks: There have been occasional reports of coolant leaks in the 2nd Generation 2 Series, particularly from components like the radiator, water pump or hoses.

Electrical Issues: Electrical problems can occur in any vehicle, and the 2nd Generation 2 Series is no exception. Some owners have reported issues with the central locking system, window regulators or faults in various sensors. Proper diagnosis by a qualified BMW service technician is necessary to address these concerns.

Suspension and Steering Components: Certain owners have experienced issues with suspension components, including premature wear of bushings, control arms or shocks. Steering-related concerns, such as steering rack leaks or excessive play, have also been reported.

Turbocharger Problems: Turbocharger failures have been reported by a few 2nd Generation 2 Series owners, resulting in reduced power, excessive noise and potential engine damage.

If you encounter any of these common problems with your BMW G42 2-series, we recommend seeking the professional assistance from a trained German auto maintenance mechanic. They will be able to pinpoint the troubles, and get your Bimmer running at top performance.

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