Common Repairs on the BMW 6 Series - G32 Fourth Generation

The Fourth Generation, G32, 6 Series represents a luxurious and sporty grand tourer with a blend of style, performance and advanced technology. Available in both coupe and convertible body styles, the 6 Series G32 showcases a sleek and dynamic design with flowing lines and a confident stance. Common problems with the G32 6 Series may include:

Sun Roof Problems: Many owners have reported the sun roof not opening and/or closing all the way. Sometimes it’s a bad switch or a bad motor. Take your G32 to a qualified BMW repair mechanic for diagnosis.

Power Steering Issues: If it is difficult to maneuver and you hear noises when you turn, it is probably a power steering issue. Any expert BMW service center can diagnose the problem and find a solution for you.

Active Rear Spoiler Malfunction: Common in the G32, the rear spoiler is supposed to automatically raise itself with speed over 70 and close when speed decreases, but sometimes it won’t close all the way or even open. The gear or the unit itself may need to be replaced or reprogrammed.

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