Common Repairs on the BMW 5 Series - G30/G31/G38 Seventh Generation

The Seventh Generation of the BMW 5 Series (G30/G31/G38), was introduced in 201. With its elegant and refined exterior design, the 5 Series exudes a sense of sophistication and athleticism. Even with a combination of luxury, performance and cutting-edge technology the BMW 5 Series Seventh Generation does not go with out any problems.

Electrical System Malfunctions: Some owners have reported occasional electrical issues with the infotainment system, such as audio streaming issues or a black screen. Many times these issues can be resolved through software updates or system resets.

Oil Leaks: There have been reports of oil leaks in certain G30/G31 models. These leaks can result in oil consumption and potentially damage the engine.

Air Vent Problems: Some owners have noticed a center air vent problem with an inconsistent air flow. This can usually be fixed by a software update. Your local BMW service center can help you.

Windshield Wiper Issues: Blades have been known to scratch or skip while in operation. Sometimes replacement is necessary.

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