Common Repairs on the BMW 3 Series - G20/G21/G28 Seventh Generation

The BMW 3 Series, seventh generation (G20/G21/G28), represents the latest iteration of this iconic compact luxury sedan. Introduced in 2019, the G20/G21/G28 showcases a perfect blend of elegance, sportiness and cutting-edge technology. With its captivating design, powerful performance, advanced technology and dynamic driving experience, the seventh generation BMW 3 Series continues to redefine the standard for compact luxury sedans. But as with any BMW vehicle, it has its share of common problems.

Electronics and Software Glitches: Occasional software glitches or issues with the electronics are quite common. These problems can range from connectivity issues with smartphones to occasional freezes or crashes of the infotainment system. Regular software updates from BMW can often address these issues.

Exhaust Rattle: Some owners have noticed a high-pitched noise coming from the exhaust system when starting up the car cold. This noise typically subsides once the vehicle warms up.

Sun Roof Rattling Sounds: Noises from the sun room caused by a rubber seal that squeaks have been observed by some owners. Applying lubrication has been known to resolve this annoying issue.

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