Common Repairs on the BMW 8 Series - G14/G15/G16 Second Generation

The BMW 8 Series 2nd Generation (G14/G15/G16) is the latest iteration of the luxury grand tourer introduced by BMW in 2018. With its refined ride, precise handling and top-of-the-line features, the BMW 8 Series 2nd Generation continues to represent the pinnacle of luxury and performance in BMW's lineup. Here are some common problems to know about:

Shifting Issues: Owners have reported delays in shifting gears or erratic shifts when driving uphill or when accelerating quickly. Take your 2nd gen 8-series to a qualified BMW repair center to have them check out the transmission.

Brake System: From reduced braking power to a soft brake pedal feeling, brake system faults do occur. Regular maintenance of the brake system from a specialized BMW repair shop is essential to avoid brake-related issues.

Electronics and iDrive: Glitches or malfunctions with the iDrive system, infotainment and various electronic components might occur. These may include TPMS failing to display, blurry screen images and more.

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