Common Repairs on the BMW X1 Series - F48 Second Generation

The Second Generation BMW X1, or F48, is a compact luxury crossover SUV that was produced by BMW from 2015 to 2021. The F48 X1 is the successor to the first-generation X1 (E84) and represents a significant evolution in design, technology and engineering. Below are the most common issues with the F48.

Transmission Issues: A few owners have reported transmission-related issues, such as rough shifting, jerking or delayed engagement. These problems may be more prevalent in earlier model years.

Engine Oil Leaks: Oil filter housing gasket and valve cover gasket leaks are common in the F48. Engine oil loss may occur if these leaks aren’t repaired promptly.

Drivetrain and Suspension: A few owners have experienced problems with drivetrain components, such as driveshafts and axles, as well as suspension components like struts or control arms.

Parking Brake Malfunctions: Some have reported issues with the electronic parking brake failing to engage or disengage. If this happens to you, take your F48 to a qualified BMW repair shop for diagnosis.

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