Common Repairs on the BMW X3 Series - F25 Second Generation

The 2nd Generation BMW X3, or F25, is a compact luxury crossover SUV produced by BMW from 2010 to 2017. The F25 X3 succeeded the first-generation X3 (E83). Its combination of a premium interior, enjoyable driving dynamics and versatile practicality made it a popular choice among buyers seeking a well-rounded and upscale compact SUV. Listed below are some of the issues owners have encountered.

Timing Chain Tensioner: Some early models had issues with the timing chain tensioner, similar to the problem seen in other BMW models. This issue could lead to timing chain rattle or failure, necessitating expensive repairs.

Transmission Issues: A few owners have reported transmission-related issues, such as rough shifting, jerking or delayed engagement. These problems may be more prevalent in earlier model years.

Fuel System Issues: Some owners have encountered problems with the fuel pump or fuel injectors, leading to poor engine performance and potentially stalling issues.

Sunroof Malfunctions: A few owners have reported issues with the panoramic sunroof, such as noises, leaks or malfunctioning mechanisms.

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