BMW F10 5 Series Transmission Issues

The latest series of BMW is the F-10 five series, which began its model year in 2010. This high-performance vehicle is one of the most advanced luxury vehicles on the market, but even the best cars have some inherent problems that need to be addressed. Since the F-10 5-series is still relatively new, these bugs are still being identified. Many of these Bimmers have transmissions issues.

F-10 owners have complained of rough shifting in both manual and automatic transmissions. Their vehicles will jerk during downshifting, or the transmission act as though it slipped a few gears. Sometimes there will be a loud clunking as it shifts or the vehicle will drop greatly in speed, making for a rough, sporadic ride for passengers. What makes this problem especially annoying, is that the dashboard warning light does not always notify the driver of a problem. The “Transmission Failure” light should illuminate.

There could be a variety of reasons for this problem. Obviously the transmission could be failing, or it could be low on transmission fluid. In some cases the problem could be in the computer and the software needs to be reset. A qualified BMW repair technician could download new software and fix the vehicle, or it could end up being a very detailed repair requiring a lot of time and money.

Transmissions require quite a bit of care and attention if they are to last a long time. But they should not be failing in vehicles as young as the BMW F-10 5-series, therefore it could be a problem associated with the manufacturer. If your vehicle displays any of these symptoms, drive to a nearby BMW service garage to have them inspect and properly repair the vehicle before it becomes something very serious.

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