BMW F10 5 Series Throttle Response Hesitation

The BMW F-10 Five Series was introduced in model year 2010 and is still in production today. And though it’s just coincidence that the name sounds like a fighter jet, the F-10 practically performs like one as well. Unfortunately, some vehicles have been known to have some throttle response problems, including skipping and hesitation, which can affect the stellar engine performance a Bimmer driver expects.

Some drivers have experienced hesitant gas pedals. When they try to take off from a dead-stop, they will push the gas pedal but the car doesn’t go forward right away. It hesitates for a moment and then responds. There is a small delay from activating the gas to the car actually moving.

In some cases, the throttle response is very hesitant and the pedal seems to “stick.” The driver has to push it down harder and then ends up surging out of the stop. It is kind of like a drag racer, but obviously not to that extent. The car bursts forward rather than taking off smoothly.

The F-10 five-series has advanced technology which allows the car to “learn” how the driver activates the throttle. It will adjust to meet the habits of the owner. Therefore in some cases of a hesitant throttle, the car could have simply learned incorrectly, and the computer needs to be reset by a trained BMW service technician. But since this is a relatively new vehicle series other causes could still be identified. If you experience any throttle response issues, visit a nearby BMW repair expert to properly diagnose and solve the problem.

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