BMW F10 5 Series Short Trip Battery Issues

The BMW F-10 Fives-Series has a variety of models, including the Sedan, xDrive and Touring/Wagon. They were all introduced in model year 2010 and continue to be produced today. Since these are newer models, some bugs and common problems are just now beginning to appear. Among these, the 5-series F10 has battery issues for short trips, causing serious inconveniences for many drivers.

Some owners have noted that their F-10 will have dead batteries after driving short trips. They will then have to jump-start the car with the help of a good samaritan or by calling the BMW Mobility Service. The drivers have said it happens frequently on short trips but not on longer trips. This could be due to the fact that an engine charges a battery while driving, so the longer drives tend to charge the batter sufficiently to start again later. The shorter trips simply drain the battery.

Other drivers have noted that their dashboard display will read “increased battery discharge while vehicle is stationary,” even though there are no outside electrical devices connected to the vehicle, such as a charging smart phone. It is possible that there are so many new electronics within the new F-10 that the battery drains much faster than on less technologically-advanced models. It is also possible that the vehicle may have a faulty alternator, which charges the battery during operation. Some operators have even said that leaving the dome-light on will drain the entire battery.

Purchasing a new battery will not solve this problem. This is not due to driver error or habits, it is a common problem found in many BMW F-10 five-series. Visit a local German auto service expert to inspect the vehicle and pinpoint the exact cause and perform the necessary repairs.

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