Common Repairs on the BMW F10 5 Series

First released in model year 2010, the latest models of the BMW F-10 Five-Series include the Sedan, xDrive and Wagon/Touring variations as well as some hybrids and a high-performance M-5. These are the most technologically-advanced Bimmers to ever hit the luxury car market. But with so many bells and whistles, and the series still being relatively new, there are bound to be a few bugs or common problems which are just now becoming evident. Here is a list of some of the known problems inherent in some models of the BWM f-10 5-series:

Throttle Response/Hesitation: Some drivers have complained of a lag, or hesitation when they press the gas pedal and the engine does not respond. They have to press the pedal hard before the car moves, and it usually surges forward from a stop.

Jerking/Steering Issues: In early year models of the F-10 the cars sometimes veer to the right. This could be an alignment issue, but it primarily effects vehicles with electric-steering rather than hydraulic-steering so it could also be an electronic malfunction.

Transmission Issues: Another complaint by F-10 owners is rough shifting or loose shifting. Their Bimmers will shake during downshifting or it may feel like it slipped a few gears.

Drivetrain Malfunction: A sporadic loss of power and sluggish engine performance has been noted by some Bimmer owners.

Battery Issues for Short Trips: Some F-10 models will lose their battery power during short trips and require the owner to jump-start the vehicle.

If your BMW is experiencing any of these problems, contact a local German Auto service garage to perform a diagnostic test on the vehicle. There could be a variety of causes that these experts will be able to properly identify and repair.

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