BMW F01 7 Series Transmission Jerking and Sticking

In model year 2009, BMW introduced the F01 seven-series as one if its flagship models. This state-of-the-art vehicle has superior handling, a high-performance engine, and the latest gadgets for tech-savvy drivers. Unfortunately, this luxury vehicle has a handful of common problems that appear down the road. One such problem is that the transmission jerks and sticks.

Some drivers of the F01 and longer-chassis F02 have experienced transmission problems, or downright transmission failure. They have complained that the vehicle shifts very hard, so much so that the driver and passenger are actually jerked around in their seats. In rare cases this has even led to some owners being injured when they downshifted from second to first gear.

Other problems noted by drivers are that the vehicle will get stuck in second or third gear, but will then resume proper function once they stop and restart the car. Other cases involve the vehicle not shifting into reverse, or refusing to go over thirty-five MPH (despite high RPMS). The vehicles may also lose traction or go into “limp mode.” These problems have been noticed mostly in the Sport models, but it is not exclusive to those models.

A transmission is the heart and soul of your vehicle, and if not repaired properly, could lead to other damages within the car. So, if your F01 or F02 7-series experiences these symptoms, go to a nearby BMW service technician for a complete diagnosis right away. They can get your Bimmer fixed properly and back on the road.

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