BMW F01 7 Series Blurry Front and Side Cameras

There are a number of technological advancements in the BMW F01 and F02 seven-series, which was released in the United States in model year 2009 and continues production through 2013. This includes front side and rear cameras that enhance the drivability of the vehicle, as well as the safety of the passengers and driver. But with these advancements in technology, also comes some inherent bugs that continue to be uncovered, including blurry front and side cameras.

There are cameras in many areas of the F01 seven-series, with a monitor on the dash for the driver to view. The first is a rear-view camera, which is meant to help prevent the driver from backing into a vehicle, running over a foreign object, worst of all, a child or another person. This is also known as a “back-up” camera or a reversing camera. There have been very few complaints about this camera, but owners should still be on the lookout for blurry visuals.

The F01 seven-series is also equipped with a top-view camera, as well as two side-view cameras. The top-view camera works with all the other cameras to give a comprehensive view of the entire vehicle and its surroundings. The two side-view cameras are perched within the front bumper and can scan to the left and the right. These are the cameras that have been receiving the most complaints of being blurred or scrambled.

There are rumors that some owners have taken their cars to be repaired have been notified that new parts are currently being developed to resolve this issue. However, we recommend that you visit an independent Bimmer maintenance garage to have them diagnose the problem and give you a concrete solution.

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