BMW e90 3 Series Steering Wheel Lock

One of the common problems with the e90 3-series of BMWs is a faulty steering wheel lock. Some owners cite instances in which they put the key in the ignition and the car would not start, and the dashboard illuminates the steering lock symbol. They cannot even turn the key into the start position. The owners have to either wiggle or reinsert the key until the engine finally starts. If you are having similar troubles, it would be advised to contact an independent BMW master mechanic for repairs.

The three-series of BMW e90s included the Sedan (e90), Sport Wagon (e91), Coupe (e92) and Convertible (e93), and was one of the top-selling luxury cars in North America during its manufacturing period of 2006-2012. So while the number of complaints about the steering wheel lock may appear common, in relation to the actual number of vehicles on the road, the percentage is rather small. It is not a prevalent problem, but still one that owners could encounter at the most inopportune times. Even if you have not had difficulty with the steering wheel lock, you may want to have it inspected by a BMW technician anyway, so the problem doesn’t arise when you are in a rush or located far from home.

Some Bimmer owners have had their entire steering columns replaced due to this issue, while others have had it solved with simple software updates or computer resets. Each case may be different so various solutions could be required. There is not an official recall for the BMW steering wheel locks, but the problem is well-known by independent BMW repair shops.

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