BMW e90 3 Series Rattling Noises in Cabin (behind steering wheel, seat belt holder, windows,)

There are few things more annoying than a rattling noise in the cabin of your Bimmer. And unfortunately, rattling noises are a common complaint among owners of the 2006-2012 e90 3-series, which includes the Sedan, Coupe, Convertible and Sport Wagon. This problem has been identified when the vehicle gets to about 4,000 miles, but in some cases it starts the minute a car drives off the dealership lot.

No matter what sort of vehicle you drive, even a top-of-the-line Bimmer, a bit of rattling or shaking in a cabin is expected if you are driving down bumpy or ill-kept roads. But to hear these irritating noises while cruising down a fresh lane of asphalt can drive a person crazy. Owners have complained of hearing rattling noises coming from their navigation dashboard, driver-side door, passenger-side door, armrests, rear deck area, behind the steering wheel, seat belt holder, windows, rear seats, and various areas of trim.

Some causes for this problem have been attributed to hard idling due to engine issues, or a rough exhaust. But given the prevalence of this issue, many feel that it is a manufacturer defect. Regardless of the cause, this rattling and shaking can be alleviated through the application of felt or other vibration-absorbing materials. Bimmer owners have been known to try and solve this problem themselves, but for the best results it would be wise to contact an independent BMW repair shop. They can pinpoint the problems, tighten the areas which need attention, and dampen the vibrations so you can have a smooth, silent ride expected with a BMW.

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