BMW e90 (e92 coupe) 3 Series 2006-2012 Faulty Turbo Engines at 65k-100k

One of the most exciting features of the BMW e90 3-series is the turbo engine. It gives the car a burst of speed, and the driver a surge of adrenaline, hooking Bimmer enthusiasts on this top-selling luxury vehicle for years. Unfortunately in some of these vehicles (manufactured from 2006-2012) the turbocharged engine starts to fail between 65,000 and 100,000 miles.

The e90 three-series, which include the Sedan (e90), Sport Wagon (e91), Coupe (e92) and Convertible (e93), were built with turbo engines that push over 300hp. It is an addictive amount of speed and torque that makes some drivers push their Bimmers to the limit, sometimes before they let the engine warm-up properly. This causes undue stress on the turbo and can possibly cause failure around 65k miles. Drivers who warm-up their engines before driving can prevent the turbo from failing. It is also advised to visit a specialized BMW repair technician to perform the regular Inspection 1 and Inspection 2 maintenance procedures for additional protection.

Even drivers who take extra care of their engines and perform regular maintenance could still encounter problems with their e-90 turbos. This is because the powerful turbo makes an engine perform at higher temperatures, resulting in increased exhaust and turbine temperatures thus putting a higher amount of stress on the core bearings. This wear and tear can cause a variety of problems which can be diagnosed by a certified BMW technician. If you are encountering problems with your turbo engine skipping, or lack of performance, contact an independent BMW repair professional.

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