BMW e90 (e92 coupe) 3 Series 2006-2012 Clutch Judder Problems

Manufactured from 2006-2012, the BMW e90 three-series include the Sedan (e90), Sport Wagon (e91), Coupe (e92) and Convertible (e93). This line of Bimmers was one of the company’s all-time best-sellers and was the top-selling luxury car in North America during that time. One of the common defects discovered in the e90 3-series is a clutch judder problem in models equipped with a manual transmission.

Some owners experience a shaking or juddering when they shift gears, especially in first or second gear. This problem has been known to occur as early as 4,000 miles, but most commonly after 100,000 miles. This discrepancy results in arguments over the cause of the clutch juddering – is it a manufacturer defect, or just a result of normal wear and tear?

If the clutch judders in low-mileage BMW vehicles, then it could be a software problem or a defect in the flywheel. Some flywheels have been known to wear at a rapid rate and then leak oil onto the clutch, causing severe damage. If you have a low-mileage Bimmer, contact a specialized BMW repair shop to diagnose the problem.

For e90 Bimmers that have been on the road for around 100,000 miles, the clutch juddering could be due to age and deterioration. This could likely be prevented by visiting a BMW maintenance shop and getting the schedule BMW Inspection 1 service at the recommended intervals. This preventative maintenance includes an inspection of the clutch system to look for misconnections, leaks, faulty positioning and other damages. Proper maintenance and care could prevent clutch juddering in the e90 three-series BMW’s. However, if you still encounter problems, visit an independent BMW mechanic to inspect the vehicle.

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