Common Repairs on the BMW e90 3 Series

One of the top-selling luxury cars in all of North America from 2006-2012, the BMW e90 3-series has a variety of common problems, but it should not discourage owners from purchasing one of these stellar vehicles that included the e90 Sedan, e91 Sport Wagon, e92 Coupe and e93 Convertible. These problems can be repaired by an independent BMW mechanic shop, and keep these popular cars on the road for many years to come.

All vehicles have inherent faults and the BMW e90 three-series is no different. Some of these problems can be prevented by adhering to the recommended maintenance schedule, but some are manufacturer defects which need to be addressed by an independent BMW repair professional. Here are some of the common problems in the e90 series manufactured from 06-12:

Rattling Noises in Cabin: Owners have complained of a variety of rattling noises in the cabin of their Bimmer, typically around 4000 miles, but sometimes as soon as a few days after purchase.

Clutch Juddering: Another problem that occurs around 4000 miles (or more commonly around 100k) in manual transmission vehicles is a juddering in the clutch. This happens in first or second gear normally.

Faulty Turbo Engines: It is best to let a turbo engine warm-up before driving to prevent any undue wear and tear. But even drivers that care meticulously for their engines may experience turbo failure between 65k and 100k miles.

Defective EGR Thermostat and Glow Plugs: Average coolant temperature should be about 90 degrees Celsius which translates to an average 35-45 MPG for city driving. A defective EGR thermostat or faulty glow plugs could results in a temperature as low as 68 Celsius and much lower MPG.

Faulty Steering Wheel Lock: There have been instances when owners go to start the car, but the key won’t turn and the dashboard illuminates the steering lock symbol. This could be due to a defective steering column, computer problems, or other issues.

If you encounter any of these common problems among the e90 3-series of BMW, contact an independent repair shop for diagnosis and professional solutions.

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