BMW e83 X3 Leaky Valve and Covers

The X3 was a first-generation of crossover vehicles from BMW, marketed in the USA from model years 2004-2010. It is also referred to as the e83 as it was modeled after the BMW 3-series. This all-wheel-drive vehicle has some common problems, however, including leaky valve and covers.

Owners of the X3 have complained of several leaks, even in low mileage vehicles. They have noted oil leaking onto the exhaust manifold at a rate of about every ten days to two weeks. Another area of leakage includes the cover perimeter gasket and around the spark plug wells. A spark plug covered in oil will misfire or fail and could cause the engine to sputter or jerk. This could cause serious damage to the engine so it should be fixed as quickly as possible.

There are several individuals online recommending that owners fix this problem themselves. They have detailed do-it-yourself videos and instructions. However, there could be more than one area of leakage in your vehicle and if you can’t pinpoint the leaks, then they could cause even more serious problems. We suggest that you seek the assistance of a certified BMW technician to properly diagnose the leaks.

If your X3 is showing signs of oil leakage or other loss of fluids, you should have it repaired professionally. Contact your local German import repair technician at your earliest convenience, so a small leak doesn’t turn into a big headache.

Search for a local, independent BMW repair shop with BMW mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.