Common Repairs on the BMW e83 X3

From model years 2004-2010 the BMW X3 was sold in the United States as a first-generation crossover with all-wheel-drive, and a cab equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. The X3 was based on the popular BMW three-series, and is also referred to as the e83. Rather than call it a SUV, BMW decided to market the car as a Sport “Activity” vehicle to attract a new range of customers. Since this was the first-generation of the new vehicle, there are some inherent problems that continue to be discovered by owners. These common problems include:

False Passenger Airbag Light: A faulty passenger detection switch may be the cause of this problem, in which the passenger airbag light is illuminated whether someone is sitting in the front passenger seat or not.

Transmission Gear Problems on Inclines: The X3 will drop to a lower gear on inclines, but in some cases it stays in that low gear yards after leveling out.

Sunroof Rattling: When the sunroof is closed there is no noise. But once the driver cracks the sunroof it will make rattling and knocking noises.

Leaky Valve and Covers: Many owners have noticed oil and other fluid leakage onto their exhaust manifold and spark plug wells.

Transfer Case Problems: The X3 is an all-wheel-drive so it has a transfer case which transfers power from the transmission to the drive axles. This has been known to fail and cause a loud whining noise, especially in the 2004 and 2005 models.

If your BMW X3 is experiencing any of these problems, we suggest that you visit a local Bimmer maintenance shop to have it diagnosed and repaired properly. Their mechanics will use their experience and state-of-the-art tools to get your Bimmer back in tip-top condition.

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