BMW e70 X5 Rear View and Top View Camera Malfunctions

In 2007 a new Bimmer hit the US market, the BMW X5 E-70. It was a second generation SUV Crossover vehicle, the successor to the X5 (E53), and ended its run in 2013. The E70 came equipped with many high-tech safety features including a rear and top-view camera system. Using the display mounted on the dashboard, the cameras give the driver clear sight of what is around the vehicle, perfect for tight parallel parking and reversing. Sometimes though, drivers have been experiencing problems with the rear-view and top-view camera malfunctioning.

One of the common problems people have is to receive an error message when there is no apparent problem. When they start their Bimmer a message comes on the screen saying "rear view camera malfunction,” but the video image still come through without any problems. One possible cause for this is that the connectors are not properly seated or have a short.

Another problem people encounter is with fasteners that hold the camera in place. In many cases they become loose or fail completely, which causes the camera to point in awkward directions or straight to the concrete. The fasteners will need to be properly tightened, and the camera will need to be re-calibrated for accurate positioning. While you could do this at home, this should be done by a professional for optimum results.

Whatever problems you encounter with the e70 cameras, we recommend that you take your Bimmer to a nearby German import service expert and have them fix the problem. They may reset or even upgrade the software that controls the camera functions, or find other solutions to the malfunctions. They can quickly help you get everything in working order, and then you'll be back on the road, secure in the knowledge that you know what's behind you.

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