BMW e65/e66 7 Series Downshifting Problems

Production of the BMW e65 and e66 7- Series ran from 2002-2009 in the United States. This was a completely redesigned body from the preceding e38, but had the same high-performance speed and handling of traditional Bimmers. Like many new luxury vehicles, the seven-series had a few common problems that arose after a few years of use, including downshifting problems from second gear to first gear.

Drivers have complained of extremely hard shifting which makes the car jerk, shake and surge. This happens typically from second to first but can also happen when upshifting to second. The hard-shifting happens sporadically, but not all the time. It can feel like a small jerk or like the car was rear-ended! There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when it happens, or the force of the jerking.

This problem could be due to several factors, and should be diagnosed by a certified BMW technician. Some solutions include replacing the air boxes, flushing the transmission, or replacing the giubo (a coupling that transmits torque within the drive shaft). Another solution could include reprogramming or resetting all of the engine codes, also known as a blanket reset.

To find out the exact cause of the hard downshifting from second to first, one should visit a nearby German auto repair specialist to diagnose the trouble. They can use their expertise to pinpoint the trouble, and be sure that your BMW is back on the road running as smoothly as possible.

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