BMW e63/e64 6 Series Red iDrive Warnings

One of the best features of the six-series was BMW’s popular iDrive system. This state-of-the-art technology appeared in several Bimmers, including the e63/e64 6-series, which was sold in United States showrooms from 2004 to 2011. Some of these vehicles, however, have some bugs and glitches associated with the iDrive system, especially unknown red iDrive warnings.

The iDrive system is a technologically advanced computer system that interfaces via an LCD screen with the driver, and it controls all of the secondary-systems within the vehicle. This includes the audio system, climate controls, navigation system, communication system, and the dashboard warning lights. A centralized knob helps navigate the controls much like a Blackberry.

The e63/e64 is known to have battery issues, which sometimes indirectly cause other malfunctions in the vehicle. This includes the iDrive system. If a battery is dead or low on power, it could cause the iDrive system to reset unnecessarily. It could also cause it to freeze or “forget” pre-settings.

One of the messages in the iDrive system that could cause alarm is due to a leaking oil pressure switch located in the engine. This switch will leak oil, and then the iDrive system will notify the driver to stop the vehicle immediately due to low oil pressure. Should this occur, visit a local BMW service garage at your earliest convenience.

The iDrive system is a complex computer system that should be inspected by a professional. Contact an independent BMW service garage so they can utilize their state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to properly fix the vehicle.

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