BMW e63/e64 6 Series Automatic Headlight System Malfunction

Daytime headlights have been a life-saving safety feature for vehicles of all makes and models since their inception. BMW took this a step further, as they integrated automatic headlights into many of their vehicles. The BMW e63/364 six-series which was distributed from 2004-2011 in the USA, was equipped with automatic headlights that reacted to changes in sunlight, such as driving through a tunnel. There have been some problems noted by owners though, in which the headlights don’t go off when exiting a tunnel or parking garage.

Automatic headlights help drivers in many ways. Obviously, it helps illuminate the road ahead, but they also remove a distraction for the driver, as he or she doesn’t have to fumble for the switch when entering a tunnel or when it starts raining. Secondly, it helps other on-coming drivers see the vehicle when you have the sun at your back. Many crashes occur at dusk when drivers are blinded by the setting sun. A couple bright headlights help break through that dangerous silhouette.

The BMW six-series is known to have some battery issues, which can cause other problems throughout the vehicle. This is one such problem. However, this problem may also be due to a miscommunication between the headlight module and the rain sensor.

Given the complexity of the systems within your BMW six-series, we recommend seeing a professional to diagnose and repair this problem. Visit a local German import repair technician, as they will have the know-how and experience to repair your headlight system back to like-new condition.

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