BMW e60 5 Series Noisy Windows

Everything may be running in top-form in your Bimmer. The high-performance engine, the state-of-the-art handling, and the advanced sound system…but if the windows are noisy and creaking then it is the only thing you and your passengers will notice. And unfortunately, this seems to be a common problem among the BMW e60 Five-Series, which was released in the United States from model years 2004-2010.

Normal wear and tear can make any vehicle’s windows or doors rattle and creak. The constant shutting and slamming of a door can jar certain parts loose and make them jiggle while driving or idling. However in this five-series model of Bimmers, the problem can appear as soon as a vehicle is driven off the lot.

Some owners have complained of the windows having intermittent rattles when the window is all the way up. They say that if they crack the window slightly, the rattle disappears. In many cases this could be due to faulty door and window seals. If the car is under warranty, a BMW service center should replace these. You may also consult the technician during your BMW 1 Inspection or BMW 2 Inspection.

The windows rattling may also be due to other issues. Some vehicles need to have their door striker plates adjusted. The door may not be shutting with a perfect seal, as is expected in a luxury vehicle like the BMW. Another issue could be foreign debris, such as excessive polish or wax, accumulating in the window guides, tracks and sills. A thorough cleaning may alleviate the problem. However, since this is a well-known problem among the e60 5-series, chances are it is a defect that needs to be addressed by a professional. Contact your local BMW service technician to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs, so you and your passengers can enjoy the smooth, quiet ride of a Bimmer.

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