BMW e60 5 Series Fuel Related Issues

The BMW e60 5 series was distributed in the United States from 2004-2010, and included models such as the sedan, station wagon, and high-performance M5. These Bimmers were built with advanced safety features and in-dash technology, making them some of the most popular luxury cars on the market, but even the best cars sometimes have a few flaws. In this case, the BMW e60 has some fuel related issues which can adversely affect performance or cause further engine damage.

In early model years, the e60, especially the 535i, was plagued with fuel injector failures. One or two of the fuel injectors would fail, causing fluctuations in MPG and engine performance. BMW service centers began installing newly designed fuel injectors to replace the old ones, but due to the new design and incompatibility issues, all six of the injectors had to be replaced at the same time. Lower MPG performance could also be attributed to a faulty thermostat in your Bimmer. In this case, the car thinks it is running cold, so the engine produces higher output and decreases the MPG. This could be fixed by a software update or it may be necessary to replace the entire thermostat. If you are noticing lower than normal MPG performance or “engine lagging,” visit an independent BMW repair specialist to properly diagnose the problem.

Another fuel related issue with the five-series are defective high pressure fuel pumps (HPFP), again often noted in the model 535i. Symptoms include the engine surging or lagging, and sputtering at high speeds. This could be a possibly dangerous problem. Contact a local BMW service technician to resolve the issue as early possible.

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