BMW e60 5 Series Control Arm Failure

The BMW e60 five-series, model years 2004 to 2010, have some common problems that should be diagnosed by a trained German auto service expert. One such problem is a control arm failure, in which the bushings wear out long before they should. This can affect the handling of the BMW and should be repaired sooner than later to prevent any further damage to your vehicle.

The control arm bushings are part of the suspension system. And just like shocks and struts, they have a limited lifetime due to their constant use and abuse. The lifetime of these parts can vary, depending on the conditions of the road (smoother roads equate to longer lifetimes), the habits of the driver, and the quality of the parts. In high-mileage cars, one can expect to replace the bushings and other aspects of the suspension system. In low-mileage cars, they should not be failing, but it is a common problem among the e60 five-series and appears around 30k to 50k miles.

Symptoms of failure in the control arm or bushings can be a “shimmying” while driving, or a lack of handling. If you are experiencing “sloppy” handling it should be fixed as soon as possible. First check that you have adequate tire pressure and that your vehicle is aligned. Then, have it diagnosed by a professional BMW service expert. A loose-handling vehicle can result in further damage to the suspension system and end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Visit your local BMW repair technician and have it repaired at your earliest convenience.

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