BMW e53 X5 Malfunctioning Window Regulators

The BMW E53 X5 is the first generation of BMW X5s (BMW has developed two models since then) and began development shortly after BMW bought Land Rover in 1994. Using the Land Rover Range Rover technology, the engineers at BMW started work on an SUV that combined the durability of the Rover and the sportiness of a BMW. The E53 X5 stands as the final product of this unique combination of forces. But as with any new models of vehicle, there are some inherent problems. In this case, the window regulators sometimes malfunction.

A window regulator is composed of a small electric motor, worm gears, spur gears, cables, and drive dogs that work in tandem to raise and lower the window at the touch of a button. When something within this apparatus malfunctions, the window may drop much faster than usual and then become stuck in the open position, with clunking or grinding noises often accompanying attempts to raise the window again. Sometimes the window moves up and down without a problem, but becomes frozen when rolled all the way down.

Due to the numerous parts in a regulator, several things could cause the malfunction. It could be that the motor burnt out and needs replacing, or maybe one of the plastic clips—drive dogs—gripping the bottom of the window snapped. Perhaps even the cable moving between the motor and drive dog unraveled.

Because of the heavy grade steel used in the E53 X5’s doors, the continuous slamming can also loosen some of the bolts, knocking the window out of alignment.

Attempting to solve any of these problems without the assistance of a professional can easily result in a smashed window, incorrect diagnosis, and wrong parts needlessly purchased. For the sake of your car and yourself, contacting a local German import service expert is the easiest, and safest, option.

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