BMW e53 X5 CV Boot Leaking

In order to begin competing in the growing sport utility vehicle market, BMW engineers produced the BMW E53 X5. The production of this car ran from 2000 to 2006, but BMW kept their hands in the SUV—or, as they call it, the SAV (sport activity vehicle)—world by producing two further generations of the X5 model. Being the first of its kind, one can see the E53 X5 as the father of a SAV series that includes BMW’s popular X1, X3, X5, and X6 designs. As E53s gets on in years, owners often report leaking CV boots.

The CV boot acts as a shield for the CV joint, making sure that dirt and grime stay out of this essential component and that a protective layer of grease stays in. The BMW E53 X5 contains 8 such boots, with leaks most often occurring from either the outer front left or the outer front right boot. Owners lucky enough to catch the leak before the CV joint becomes affected will notice grease spatters along the inside of the front wheels caused by grease being flung from the split boot while the car is in motion.

Unfortunately, it is rare to catch these leaks early on. The most common indication of a malfunction is clunking or metallic grinding while turning, accelerating, and decelerating. These sounds commonly mean that A) your boot split, B) it split a while ago, and C) the grease leaked out, grime leaked in, and now the CV joint itself needs replacing.

A leaking CV boot is a potentially dangerous problem. As soon as you notice the issue, visit a nearby BMW repair expert. If your CV joint fails, power will not travel from the drive shaft to the wheels, and the car will completely stop moving.

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