BMW e39 5 Series Window Regulator Malfunction

The BMW e39 5-series included the 525i, 528i, 530i, 540i and M5, and was marketed in the United States for six years from 1997-2003. These long-lasting cars are still traversing the highways but have been known to have a few common problems arise as the vehicles age. One such problem is faulty window regulators.

The window regulators could take their fair share of abuse, even though they are constructed of tiny cables and plastic pulleys. The German manufacturers built them this way so they were light and durable, but even the best built window regulators can break or fail over time. Especially in vehicles that carted around many young children in the backseat. A faulty window regulator can result in a window refusing to go up or down, or the glass getting stuck at the midway point.

One way to prevent this common problem is to keep your passengers from “playing” with the windows, like making them go up and down, over and over again. Also, be sure not to slam the doors as that can send window tracks out of alignment. You can also keep the window guides free from debris or other foreign objects and sticky liquids. This can put undue stress on the regulators and cause premature failure.

If your window does not roll up or down properly, or if it shakes, rattles, or is misaligned in any way, contact a specialized Bimmer service expert to resolve the problem. It may seem like an “easy fix,” but these window regulators are part of an intricate system that should be repaired by a qualified individual.

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