Common Repairs on the BMW 8 Series - E31 First Generation

The BMW 8 Series 1st Generation, also known as the E31, is a classic and iconic luxury grand tourer produced by BMW from 1990 to 1999. Introduced as a flagship model, the E31 showcased BMW's commitment to innovation and cutting-edge engineering. Although the E31 was discontinued after a decade, it left a lasting impression on automotive enthusiasts, and its timeless design and powerful performance continue to be admired by BMW fans around the world. If you currently own an E31, here are some common problems you may encounter.

Cooling System Problems: Cooling system components may become problematic, including water pumps and radiators. These components are prone to leaks or failures, which can lead to potential overheating issues.

Suspension Wear: Over time, the suspension components, such as control arms and bushings, may wear out, resulting in noisy or less comfortable rides. Have an experienced BMW technician take a look for a proper diagnosis.

Power Seat Issues: Some E31 owners have reported problems with power seat mechanisms and motors. Bring your 8-series in to a reputable BMW service shop for repairs.

Timing Chain Tensioner: For V12 engines, the timing chain tensioner may require replacement at higher mileage to prevent timing chain-related problems.

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