Common Repairs on the BMW 6 Series - E63/E64 Second Generation

The E63 and E64 are the second generation of the 6 Series, so the BMW designers gave it a whole new look, as well as an array of new gadgets, bells and whistles. The models included a coupe and a convertible, all with a body style that resembled a shark, and a six-speed engine with plenty of “bite” to go with it. This series ran from model years 2003 to 2010 and continues to be a popular model among buyers and sellers of pre-owned Bimmers. But as with any vehicle, there are some common problems associated with the 6-series. They include:

Battery Issues: The batteries in the E63/E64 have been known to wear down quickly, and even die. Your local expert BMW service center can test and check your battery and the cables for any issues.

Transmission Faults: Certain models equipped with the SMG (Sequential Manual Gearbox) transmission have encountered problems, including rough shifting, delayed engagement or complete transmission failure.

Steering Problems: In some vehicles the Active Steering Fault light will seemingly illuminate for no reason. This could be due to low power steering fluid or possibly a low battery that is resetting the system.

Convertible Roof Malfunction: The convertible roof may say it is ajar, when it is actually securely in place. Other errors occur which could be due to electronic issues, or a faulty sensor in the top frame.

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