Common Repairs on the BMW 5 Series - E60/E61 Fifth Generation

The BMW E60 5 Series is one of the finest luxury cars distributed in the United States. This series included sedans, wagons and special security vehicles. Many of these high-performance vehicles are still on the road, looking like they just pulled off the dealer’s lot. However some of these Bimmers do not perform like new, as they have some common problems which should be addressed by an independent BMW repair garage.

Fuel Related Issues: All models of the E60 5-Series experienced fuel related problems, especially the 535i. Faulty thermostats and defective fuel-pumps cause MPG issues as well as poor engine performance. Re-designed fuel-pumps were released, but they are not compatible with the older versions. Therefore all six need to be replaced if a single one fails.

Sun Roof Malfunction: The seal around the sun roof can deteriorate after years, but in some cases the seal is faulty and will result in whistling or drafts in low-mileage vehicles.

Suspension Component Wear: Over time, the E60's suspension components, such as control arms, bushings and ball joints, can wear out. This can lead to a harsh ride, increased road noise, compromised handling and damage to the suspension system.

Noisy Windows: While some windows begin rattling due to wear and tear, some drivers of the E60 5-Series experienced creaking and rattling during their first months of driving the car.

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