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1203 Broadview Avenue,
Toronto, ON M4K2T1 CA
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Founded in July 1998 at its present location, specializing in BMW service and repair, AutoTrend presently services well over 1200 satisfied customers.

2 Reviews

  • Steve9 months ago

    Hands down best in Toronto!

    Thousands of dollars saved!

    2004 BMW 330ci
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  • Stacey3 years ago

    We were driving through Canada on vacation (from Boston), and our Service Engine Soon light came on (ugh). We called Auto Trend and asked if they could diagnose the problem, and they said to come right over. They told us exactly what was wrong with the car, and they also told us that we could make it back to Boston safely and have our own mechanic work on the car. They wouldn't take any money from us. So honest, so nice, so knowledgeable and so appreciated. Highly recommended.

    2005 BMW 325xi
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